© 2018 by Brett Bullion

Hello there, I'm Brett, born and raised in Austin, TX on a healthy diet of 80s horror, 90s anime, and games of all kinds (D&D currently). I attended The University of North Texas, jumped to an animation studio, did murals for DoD Starbase, and spent 5 years tutoring college students with learning disabilities. A couple years ago I took a break from it all in order to raise my new-born son. It was an incredible, life-changing experience and I adore my little man so much it hurts, seriously he's way cuter than any other child ever, yes, even yours, I will fight you over it... but that's not why we're here.


Back to the art!


I've always had a great interest in the dark and obscure, harrowing tales that have characters facing their inner demons, unknown monsters, impossible odds, and constantly walking the line between life and death. These books, games, and films feed my creative mind, fill the void, and drive me towards art. I can't get enough of them. And I hope to capture some of what they hold in my own work: the awe and wonder I feel every time I watch The Dark Crystal or Princess Mononoke, the dread and fear in Lovecraft's work, the wondrous depths of Neil Gaiman's imagination, the grim and powerful world of Banner Saga. I want to reflect all of these brilliant stories in what I do and inspire others.