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Finely detailed custom character sheet for use with 5e systems. This sheet is intended for use with the Warlock class and comes with its own unique spell page dedicated to warlock players which should make keeping track of invocations and spells much easier. It also includes a standard spell page for any other spellclasting class you might want to play! 


These files will be downloaded in pdf format and are meant for you to print them off for gameplay.


You can also use the form-fillable pdf to insert character art and type in all of your information and stats. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) for a smoother experience.


Go forth and serve your patron in style! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Warlock 5e Character Sheet - PDF (Digital)

  • This product comes with a Form Fillable PDF that you may fill in on your computer. For best results, use the free Adobe Acrobrat Reader.

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